Wednesday, December 23, 2009


Unlike LLCoolJ I don't mind if you call it a comeback. haha #TOOCorny

I recently re-wrote my 160 word bio for my twitter page:

the most resilient & tastefully arrogant student, lover|fighter, OPTIMISTa, ECLECTICian & INNOVATress drawin my lyfe in Sharpie! ˚*. welcome 2 my purple life ;D


In tweeting optimism to help myself through some things a friend wrote "I think @becejack should consider a motivational speaking gig."

Maybe I have more to share than I thought... See you ultra-soon cyber world!


Wednesday, September 30, 2009

TTMMFW (3): The McGangBang

Things That Make Me Feel Weird (3): The McGangBang

Sooooooo apparently some McDonalds feature a risque off-menu item called the McGangBang... a fast food urban legend of sorts. This sandwich is essentially a McChicken Sandwich inside of a Double Cheeseburger. Check the McPicture:

I myself don't eat McDonalds aside from their breakfast sandwiches, but still plan on visiting my local Mickey D's and asking for one at the drive thru... and I don't know what makes me feel weirder... the raunchy name or the fact that people actually request AND eat this monstrosity. All I that comes to mind is 'When in Rome'. Fatties unite! i guess... ugh

Read more about the McGangBang here

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Better than Lady Gaga?!

Sooooo at the beginning of the summer, this hott dance song was leaked called Silly Boy that supposedly featured Lady Gaga and RiRi. Everyone was up in arms about how the song was a diss-track against Chris Brown because of lyrics like "you had a good girl but you didn't know how to treat her" and "silly boy get out my face don't you like how regret tastes", etc. However, Kanye's blog mentioned that Rihanna and Lady Gaga contacted him saying they weren't the singers on the track. Just who is the mystery singer?! : Eva Simons. She's a true rockstar. Period. I think she would give Gaga a hard 'run for her money' if she had the chance. Dare I say she's better than Lady Gaga! Whachu think!?

Friday, September 18, 2009

Fam: From the Ground Up

Okay so I definitely have an obsession with underground/exclusive clothing brands (which reminds me... I need to start working to finance my habits); and I love supporting companies that are just starting especially when I know the people involved. Anyhoo, my new obsession is the sunnies I got from them. FLY on one hundred! Check em:

(JRay and I foolin before class LOL)

See?! They look good on the womens and the menfolk! Fam equips the influential. Are you the latter?

Things that Make Me Feel Weird (2)

My friend BLC showed us this on facebook and died laughin in the Union for a while. I love Kanye and agree with him wholeheartedly, but why he have to go and make that lil country-singin white girl cry on national television? ... shambles! Anyways, despite the typographical error and the blatant nature of this porn-pic, this ish is hilarious! :p

BAAAAHAHAHAHAH peep Ye in the back!

Lil Wayne: "It's My Cup, F@$k You!"

I love Lil Wayne. LOL Check it:

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Mixtape Heaven

So Mick Boogie is doin HUGE things! I mean have you seen his press kit? *sigh* What a great Resume! Anyways, you seriously need to get up on him and his ish. I have 3 mixtapes of his in my possession that he made for his store (Motivation) so while checking the Moto blog, I decided to check out some more of his site and more of his mixtapes and simply fell in love.

His joints with Peter Bjorn & John and Adele will definitely get spins on my iPod... if one could actually get spins on anything other than a cd or record player of course (LOL)

-ReLiving Thing-
PB&J have that new genre-bending sound that I love so much. So when Mick mixed 13 of their songs with verses by some of my favorite hip hop artists (Talib, Big Sean, Wale, Rhymefest), I couldn't resist!

Adele's smooth-ass voice and the golden era of hip hop (for me: the 80s) are two of my favorite things in music! So when Mick decided to put them together giving Adele's hit tracks an '88 rap feel, magic is created.

Every time good music is made, a music-loving angel gets their wings haha! So I guess Mick Boogie could be considered one of the 'fly'est!? ... you be the judge ;p